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Nashville Carpet Cleaning by Xtrax

Xtrax waterless carpet cleaning is the Nashville carpet cleaning company you should choose. Why? To save time and avoid having to adjust your living space for days. Many of us are aware that carpets that are recently cleaned are usually wet. Not only that, but they can also take hours (or days) to dry, restoring access. For that reason, you’d be wise to consider waterless carpet cleaning. We’ve used our groundbreaking dry cleaning process to serve Nashville carpet cleaning customers. And more and more customers are showing that they prefer it. However, did you know that it’s a rare process? Few companies offer it to clients like yourself.

Forget those harsh chemical treatments. And leave that soaking wet carpet padding in the rearview mirror. You can avoid the mold that often develops underneath wet carpets. Choose Xtrax dry carpet cleaning for the best experience.

We smile just thinking about the hundreds of happy clients we’ve served since 2004. In addition, our stellar customer service gives them still another reason to be glad they chose us. But why did they choose us? A few simple reasons.

Our Nashville Carpet Cleaning Service is: Best Because it’s Dry

  • Without water present, mold spores can’t flourish
  • Without water, your access to the area is restored – immediately
  • And without water, dirt hidden below the carpet’s surface isn’t turned into mud

Best Because it’s Chemical-free

  • Your home’s healthy air is preserved
  • Your allergies aren’t triggered by harsh smells and solvents
  • And your pets can traverse the just-cleaned surface without risk

Best Because it’s Fast

  • No need for long drying time
  • No need to awkwardly avoid the area
  • And no need to reschedule your evening plans

As the only Nashville carpet cleaning company certified by Host™, Xtrax is ready to get to work renewing your carpet. Isn’t it time to get back to life and start loving your carpet again?